Janet Napolitano

At the end of Week 1, we finished our second general body meeting of the school-year. Two things are certain. First, not every student in the UC system was born in California. Second, a significant amount of students feel unsafe since Janet Napolitano (JNo) has been appointed and is now the UC president.

Shout out to USAC’s Maryssa Hall and Lizzy Naameh for attending and giving their price-less updates and information about UC funding and JNo’s non-transparent appointment process. Hall and Naameh answered questions that JNo could not give a direct answer to.

I do not like Janet Napolitano and would like her to be impeached. It is a more extreme point of view and I would have to go through the UC regents, the same group that elected her, which is not so likely.

I want her to publicly acknowledge that she torn Californian families apart as Secretary of Homeland Security. And I want to know how she expects to have the UC system be a sanctuary for undocumented studentsHow do you feel about Janet Napolitano? What do you want from her at your UC president?