AB540 Project

As the community service component of IDEAS, the  AB540 Project raises the awareness of undocumented youth, parents, educators, and the general Los Angeles community about the academic and financial resources available to undocumented students in order to realize their American Dream despite the hardships they face. Given their immigration status, undocumented youth face many struggles in affording higher education because their ability to apply for financial aid and many scholarships is limited. The Project aims to make more information and resources available for undocumented students who wish to enroll in institutions of higher education. At the same time, the Project also wants to raise awareness about this issue in the community as a whole by also informing parents, counselors, community organizations, and community leaders who are interested to take part in the movement. The AB540 project carries out various commitments, including workshops, conferences, and mentoring site visits in order to fulfill its mission statement.

Workshop Component

The Project reaches out to communities all over the Los Angeles County. We present workshops about the guidelines for Assembly Bill 540, the CA Dream Act application, and alternate financial resources such as private scholarships. Additionally, the Project spreads awareness about legislation like the Federal DREAM Act and policies like Deferred Action in order to empower more undocumented youth in claiming available opportunities and participating in active engagement for their futures. More importantly, we desire to pass on moral encouragement to the undocumented students in our community who could often feel alone in their unsolved issue.

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Mentoring Component

On an interpersonal level, the project coordinates a one-on-one mentoring program to serve undocumented high school students, in an effort to develop and empower them into becoming well qualified college-bound students. The goal is to outreach to high schools that have not been targeted in the past in an attempt to disperse information and resources as greatly as possible in various communities. The mentoring component holds regular scheduled sites during the year. The main goals of the mentoring program is to aid the students in strengthening their leadership skills, assisting them in their academic needs, and inspiring them to apply and ultimately attend college.

During this 2015-16 school year, we will have the following site for our mentoring program: Van Nuys High School.

Community College Component

Addressing the challenges of undocumented immigrants already in higher education, our community college component extends aid and support for community college students attempting to expand their educational trajectory into a four-year university and beyond. The goal is to provide mentoring, workshops, and additional aid to undocumented students and fellow allies in the community college context. In addition to fostering the motivation to continue pursuing higher education through mentoring and support, our program also empowers these students to serve as agents of social justice within their communities.

The Community College component will hold site visits at Los Angeles Valley College and Santa Monica College for the 2015-16 academic year. 

Leadership Development

To accomplish the Project’s goals in promoting leadership development, the Project Directors train student volunteers from IDEAS at UCLA to help facilitate the workshops and serve as mentors for the mentoring component. We also utilize volunteers from the UCLA student body to immerse them in civic engagement and broaden their understanding of community diversity.

We hope to provide academic and financial information and empower undocumented students to dream without borders. With the right motivation and resources, the number of undocumented students pursuing higher education will keep on increasing and, hence, give emergence to future professionals, philanthropists, and community leaders. As a result, the AB540 Project is committed to constantly being a source of information, encouragement, and empowerment to as many students in order to assist them in a path to higher education.

If you would like to get involved or request the service of the AB540 Project, please contact us through the following:

Email the AB540 Project: ideas.ab540project@gmail.com
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